I started taking an interest in conjuring from the age of 12. I was enthralled by the complexity and magic of this art. For the first few years I just stared at the magicians who would occasionally perform in my town, then having learnt 1 or 2 simple magic tricks, I began entertaining my friends. The achievement of minor successes encouraged me to learn ever-new tricks.

At the age of 18 I continued my studies at the Military Academy, where I actively performed my stage show. I combined my career with the army and conjuring right up until 1997. After winning the “MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR” award in 1997 and 1998, I left my career as army officer to give all of my time and energy to performing magiceletrajz_3.


I never had a master to teach me!The videos, books and DVDs, which I collected over the years, serve as the basis for my professional knowledge to this day.

During the years 1998-2000 I regularly appeared in various programmes on the Hungarian Television

  • tv2  Napló
  • tv2  Plussz (Bûvészsuli)
  • mtv 1-es csatorna Leg-leg-leg
  • mtv 1-es csatorna Tanoda (Buvészsuli)
  • rtl Fókusz
  • tv2 Aktív
In 2002 I decided that I would participate in the 2003 World Magicians’ Championship in Holland. During my preparation I had won several international competitions where I achieved ratings (see achievements) as a result of which at the 2003 World Magician Championship in Holland I achieved the biggest success in my life so far, I came 3rd in the micromagic category. Since then I have been touring the world with my stage and micromagic show (see news), I do however, whenever possible, endeavour to meet as many requests to perform in Hungary as I am able.  eletrajz_4


eletrajz_5Compulsion has turned me into a universal magician. I have a show to perform for every category and branch of the art form (see available programs).

Winning the 2004 British Magician Championship title enabled my biggest dream to come true, I was invited to the MAGIC CASTLE in Hollywood, to the “Mecca of Conjuring”. In 2004 I was allowed to perform at the famous FFFF Congress in Batavia (USA), where the best micromagicians of the world gather every year. My success there awarded me an invitation to the 2005 FFFF Congress (see News).

My pride and joy however is my film collection. I have been collecting films on magic for the past 15 years. I keep contact with collectors in several continents, enabling the continual growth of the collection of films on magic in Central Europe. Over the next few years I shall be working further on my competition show, since my plans include participation at the 2006 World Magicians’ Championship in Stockholm.

I did not consciously strive to become a magician, I simply fell in love with magic and it became my life. To this day my motto for work is:


“If you don’t set yourself unachievable targets, then you won’t even achieve those which are achievable!”