Children’s shows: For nursery school children: (entertaining program coloured with music, games, puppets and balloons lasting 40-60 minutes)


For School Children: Entertaining show with music, involving the children with no time limit. Magician’s School for children available on request. Learning magical tricks from preparation to performance.

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Adult shows: For discos and bars appropriate for the occasion and place, even to suit individual requirements.
The program for restaurants, places of entertainment, beer festivals, village days, ..etc includes spectacular illusion numbers comprising humour and fun and naturally enabled by audience interaction.

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Birthday Party: For children and adults alike the program is specially choreographed for the occasion.

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Weddings, Anniversaries: I have been performing such shows for several years, providing a magical atmosphere to this special occasion, which is important to many people.

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Micromagic (table magic): This is the category where I have achieved the biggest success in my life. Suitable for presenting as a separate program in restaurants (e.g. during dinner or lunchtime) or supplementing the preceding stage performance. The audience can witness at close range the wonders performed by one of the world’s best micromagicians! If you want to see real magic, don’t miss this!

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Magician’s Cassette: Fecó Galambos’s 60 minute videocassette entitled Magicians Secrets can be purchased showing how to learn over 20 tricks for adults and children alike.


Other: Think up your most absurd idea for the site and nature of the performance and be amazed at how the impossible becomes possible.

The shows can be performed in Hungarian, English and German.

The fee is negotiable according to the nature and duration of the show.